CrackPrague – a unique outdoor game in a style of escape game 

We created a new kind of game for those who want to live an adventurous and interesting life, explore new worlds and face challenges which will put to the test their characters, quick thinking and creativity. With so many hours we devote to our jobs, everyone will definitely appreciate moments spent with their friends and family. Our unique game will not only entertain you and make you use your brain, but it will also lead you to Prague’s magical secluded places. During the game, you will face various types of challenges which will test your critical thinking, observational skills, creativity and team work. A whole bunch of riddles, codes and brain-teasers will give a hard time to different parts of your brain and they will test not only your sense of direction, communication skills and critical thinking, but you will also find out something new about your friends, family or even yourself.

The game is a combination of fun, adrenalin, once in a lifetime experiences and time spent with friends or family.

Price 1 299 CZK / 50 € per team

Teams of 2-5 persons

Time limit of 3 hours

Length of route 5 km

Will you break a record?

Set out on a mission you will have to accomplish within 3 hours. Step by step you will be overcoming obstacles and moving from checkpoint to checkpoint in the heart of Prague using your brain, imagination, shrewdness and common sense. The only thing you need are your legs, brain and determination to play. We will provide you with the rest, as well as manage everything. The length of the play will depend on how clever your team will be, how you will cooperate as a team, how well you will use your sense of direction and how quickly you will solve given tasks.

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To successfully finish your mission, you will be given a map and a bag filled with mysteries, codes and brain-twisters. You have to do the rest.

Mission Cryptovirus – Save the World!

Crazy hacker Asymetros programmed a dangerous new kind of virus – Cryptovirus – to destroy the world. This virus has been, without the knowledge of the users, spreading on the Internet with the speed of light and attacks operate systems with the aim to take control over all computers. In 3 hours, the virus will attack central servers of all world armies and set off nuclear warheads. Given how little time is left, the government authorities asked the public for help and released all accessible information about the virus. Since you are not afraid of anything, you have decided to go on mission to save the world. But you have to have an open mind to get a key that will deactivate the virus and to fight back a number of riddles, codes, clues and brain-twisters. Save the world!


The game is perfect for anyone with an open mind who wants to enjoy a day full of fun and at the same time get to know something about the capital of the Czech Republic.


Though sometimes it’s good to just hang out and drink beer or coffee, there are times when you need some action and well-spent time with each other and a lot of fun.


In an active and fun way you will get to know facts you have no idea about. These details you will remember for ever.


Do you want to spend time with your family in an unusual way? This game will bring great fun, laughter and excitement to all of you.


Are you looking for a fun and unique company activity or do you just want to chill with your colleagues? Leave your offices and come play with us.

Give a unique and unforgettable experience to you relatives, family, friends or acquaintances!

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