Rules and tips


You play the game on your own responsibility. There will be no dangerous places or life-threatening tasks. Keep your eye on your kids, do not enter inaccessible places and avoid any acting that may cause you an injury. Be aware of the traffic. Do not destroy or damage game equipment and do not use your entire strength when using the tools.

This game is not suitable for little children, as the length of the route may be difficult for them. In addition, you need to be able to read and count to solve the tasks, and that is why we recommend this game to children older than 12 years of age. Children and adolescents must be accompanied by an adult. There must be at least one person over 18 years in every team. The game is suitable for the elderly. It is not suitable, though, for people suffering from a disease or consequences of an injury that may make it harder for them to move and walk the whole route.


During the game, communicate with each other as much as possible, listen to one another and, most importantly, attentively read the clues you will be given! In spite of the fact that you can use phones, maps, the Internet and the SatNav, rely on your reason, ideas and intuition and do not try to skip some steps and thus make the game easier or shorter for you. In this case, it doesn’t hold true that the Internet knows everything – a picture does not necessarily looks like the reality. You will not need any special skills in Physics, Chemistry, Math or History.

Make enough time for the game but keep in mind that you have to finish in certain time.



People who will be under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot participate in the game.

The route is designed for walking. It is not suitable for prams, in-line skaters, bikes or wheelchairs.

We recommend that you bring along some snacks (or you can but it during the game). Wear appropriate clothes, especially good shoes. In case of a really bad weather (heavy rain, snow), it is possible to postpone the date to another suitable date.


Come to the starting line in time. The reservation is always for a specific hour which you choose and confirm. The starting time of the game is bound. In case you come late, it may happen that you will have to wait until other teams set out and thus your time limit will shorten. If you come late by more than 20 minutes, you may be expelled from the game without getting your money back.

It is strongly forbidden to take audio or video recordings of the game equipment, clues and other assets of the game. All given materials are objects of intellectual property rights. Avoid any kind of acting that would, without further consent, interfere with these rights. Especially do not make copies of materials or take audio-visual recordings.